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AOC is committed to delivering high quality and innovative products that enhances a user’s experience.

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AOC is dedicated to developing products that fit into the digital lifestyles of today’s consumers, leading the way in performance, design and value.

AOC is a leader of HD display technology for Monitors, TVs and Multi-functional Displays backed by over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience. AOC has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically advanced displays with every aspect of AOC’s business focusing on the development of products that fit seamlessly into consumers’ digital lifestyle.

AOC, Clearly HD.

AOC’s Gamer Certified (GC Series) displays allow you to immerse yourself in games the way their designers intended. GC Series displays offer brilliant design and performance with industry leading 2 ms response times, dynamic contrast ratio control and gaming modes for the ultimate gaming experience. You won’t miss a beat as every visual element comes alive with crisp graphic detail, high contrast ratios and no ghostly images slowing down the action.

AOC GC Series, Clearly How Games are Meant to be Played.

Learn more at www.gamercertified.com.

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AOC provides businesses and individuals the opportunity to own the latest in digital display technologies that boast cutting edge performance and innovative styling. Through an extensive, award winning distribution network and competitive pricing AOC offers their products to a broad range of consumers around the world.

We make our solutions affordable, but our customers determine their worth. They understand that value is a function of quality, performance, and support over time. And they know investing in AOC is investing in total overall value. Our products have earned national recognition for their quality, performance and affordability, including awards from PCSTATS.com, PC World, and CRN.

Through intensive market research and an open dialogue with our customers, we design products that extend the ways HD displays are being utilized, creating new categories for a more comprehensive multi-media experience. Our customers appreciate our responsiveness, innovation and straight forward approach to doing business. In return, we provide timely solutions that are indispensable additions to the workplace or home, and we back every product with liberal warranties and service options.

By staying close to the manufacturing source, we can give our customers firsthand expertise. All of our displays are built to uncompromising quality standards.

AOC is based in Fremont, California and in Miami, Fl , with access to superior distribution channels serving more than 50 ports in all of the Americas.

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AOC provides award winning technology that stretches the limits of HD display technology. We know value comes from superior quality, intuitive usability, and long-term performance. To deliver the right product at the right time, we stay close to market demand and customer expectations. We make our monitors easy to use, affordably priced, and fully supported. We supply them to a global distribution network and make our resellers our business partners. We want an investment in AOC to be an investment in uncompromising value.

Being a successful brand in today’s electronics market is only possible if three primary facets of your business are in place: Quality and technologically advanced products, comprehensive distribution channels, and the ability to fill a need in your consumers lives. At AOC we look at more than how consumers and businesses use display technology, we look into how they would like to use display technology and develop innovative products designed specifically to cater to their needs. Whether looking for a full HD TV, business monitor, a monitor for HD gaming, or a multi-functional display for streaming video without the use of a PC, our product line and distribution channel allows people around the world to enjoy our award winning technology, style and service.

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